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Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's A Mess!

Usually I try to clean up the space that I am taking a picture of-not today!

My living room had been taken over with all my products that I am getting ready to sell at the Lewistons Peddlers' Faire this Saturday.

Oh yeah-I had a party last night......a pool party for junior highers.....did I mention that it was raining?  They swam anyways but I still felt like I needed to clean up the living room so they could make it to the backyard without tripping.  

What's a girl to do?

I shoved it all into my husband's office!

He was out of town anyways....oh wait he came back just before the pool party!

Warning: Neat freaks please stop reading......if you continue it's at your own risk.....

I warned you.....

I was able to get the door closed for the party!

I am loading up all this stuff tomorrow so Mr. Smith can actually use his desk again.....

I'll try to remember to take pictures of my booth once I get it set up on Saturday.

Oh and I got a new banner and business cards for Saturday as well!

It sure gives me a new appreciation for venders!  It is a ton of work getting ready!

Oh, what's in the garage?
More items for sell of course! 
 I thought I would stop the torture with just the pictures of the office!


  1. wish we were going to be there with you...we'll be there in spirit!....

  2. please post photos! It will be nice to see your booth with the banner and everything set up :)
    Have a great selling time!

  3. I love your new business cards!

  4. Really a lot to tidy!!! Do one thing at time.... Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for stopping by xoxo

  5. Mrs. Smith you are a hoot, I am new follower. I like how you talk. I will be back to check the rest of your blog out. Have a great weekend.


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