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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holidays-Please be on the day you said you were going to be on!

Now as far as being a Mom goes-I'm pretty organized.

I have a calendar that I write in all the important items in-like doctor's appointments,
 haircut appointments, 
my work times,
 when Mr. Smith is out of town
(this is a whole calendar in it's self),
 different times when to pick up the kids from school (both have days that they stay later at school and not the same day for either),
speech therapy for Boy Wonder,
days kids are off of school,

Needless to say, my calendar is very full.
If it's not on my calendar it doesn't exist.

Now my organizational skills of my calendar have one flaw-

my neglecting to forget to put an appointment down on the calendar.

Now every since I can remember February 14th is Valentine's Day.  It's Monday this year-kids have the day off of school-I marked that on my calendar.

What I didn't mark is that Friday, February 11th is the day to hand out Valentine's at school.

That just messes with my system.

Luckily Boy Wonder is a 7th grader and doesn't hand out Valentine's any more.

Drama Queen is a 4th grader.  Still at that age where it is sociably acceptable to hand out declarations of love.

Still trying to get back on track from surgery
(6 weeks as of Monday)
-getting organized again takes a little organization.

Luckily Drama Queen and I were at Walmart the other day and we purchased these Valentine's.

Two boxes - she has over 30 kids in her class.

Did she sign them?


We are just emptying the boxes into the Walmart bag and she is going to carry them into class-unsigned.

This is what she brought for Valentine's Day last year. 

Candy Cane Hearts with white chocolate and sprinkles.

One thing I love about that kid is she goes with the flow.

So moral of this story:
 Mark the day of the school party on calendar.
If not it won't exist!

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