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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the School Year Fun!

Drama Queen is a 4th grader.  This year it's all about California history! As a history major, I am so excited when my kids get to 4th grade because history gets introduced in their curriculum.
All the students in 2 classes got dressed up and participated in Westward Ho Days!  Now Drama Queen spent the night before sewing on patches and a pocket on her apron. Gotta look the part!  She just forgot to hand me the list of the things she needed to bring along for the trip.  Things that would be important for the "real" trip-cup, spoon, plate, blanket, etc.

They traveled as "families" with their shopping carts wagons. All over the field, these families traveled.  Gold panning, laundry, Indian attacks, making corn husk dolls, playing games, singing, even crossing the Sierra Nevada's (a series of stairs that the kids had to carry their wagons over).

Drama Queen with her corn husk doll, eating her johnny cake and cowboy stew.  Luckily Mr. Smith came to the rescue and brought her plate and cup. 

Those wagons were everywhere-rocks, gravel, dirt, grass, and black top!  Luckily for us all the pioneers made it safely across the USA!

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  1. what a great experience...and you didn't have to be at the school at 5:30...loved the Sac trip, but it was a loooong day!
    wish all the 4th graders would have been able to participate in both the trip and Western Ho...and there was 1 teacher that didn't do ANYTHING!


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