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Saturday, July 16, 2011

New/Old Screen Door

Bought this screen door last year at a garage sale. 
 Had it in my booth for awhile, even tried to sell it at a show.
No Dice.
So it was sitting in the garage waiting....

The weather has been so nice and mild here-we opened all our windows. 
Even though it's a newer house, our large windows just have little sections that open.
We needed more air flow through the house.

On a whim, I asked Mr. Smith to measure the screen door. 

 It was a Perfect Fit!

Now I know why it never sold-it was meant to stay here!

In other news,
the family has been swimming nightly. 
 It's our little way of saving the environment with less showers for the kids.
Except for tonight, Drama Queens' hair really needed some serious shampooing.

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  1. Love that screen door Jody! Yep, some things are meant to be...including showers!


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