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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haunted Mansion Style

Been busy with shows so my house was feeling a little neglected. 
Took down the summer stuff off the mantle.  Started decorating the mantle then it ended up spilling onto the TV cabinet. 
There was some screaming involved when I had Boy Wonder help me heft the large mirror.  Drama Queen screamed "I can't look!" 
 While I screamed "I can't drop it!"
I don't normally decorate scary at home but I dug around my piles of goodies and well my (over active~I read way too many mystery books) mind just went wild!

And yes, the kids did think it was too scary.  Probably didn't help that I bought a scary CD to play too!
Muh ha ha ha!

Enter if you dare!

Thank you for visiting ~
Reservations not required!

Snow even matches the decor! Though she couldn't even lift her head up for the photo!
Little Diva! 


  1. love 'dead peoples stuff'...laughed out loud with a snot bubble and all!

  2. I love the displays that you did in your home, they are fabulous!!!
    Hope you have a beautiful day.


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