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Saturday, July 14, 2012

$10 office makeover

When we moved into our house in Redding, CA almost 8 years ago, we were looking for an extra room for Mr. Smith.  
We needed an office for him to work peacefully away from distractions.

Fast forward....
I started a business and it has taken over our house-literally.

Tried organizing a few times to make the office more efficient.

This is the only picture I could find of the horror that was once the office.

Mr. Smith had to resort to lying on the ground or on the couch to work on his lap top.

(He had a mess in his part of the office too).

We really needed shelves-a whole wall of shelves.  It was going to cost us too much.  Mr. Smith found a metal broken ladder for $5.
He had a vision.

He needed bleacher seats-the old wooden kind.
I told him to dream on-we would never find them.

He asked one guy-who happened to have old bleachers from Shasta College.


Mr. Smith needed to brace them and found bed rails for $5.

Let the magic begin.

Mr. Smith will post on how he made them.

He painted the wall white.
 It was a brown color before.
He wanted his office to look like Starbucks.

It's nothing short of a miracle.

What once looked like an episode of Hoarders is now a functioning room again.

It got so bad I couldn't even reach the light switch to turn on the light.

Do you hear the angels singing?

I do.

Mr. Smith needs to find some old lamps that he can use the cord for and he will rig up the 2 galvanized lights.

He made some bigger shelves on the sides to accommodate my large jars.

I thought I would have to go out and get more jars for storage but I raided the pantry.

We left the desk in the middle of the room and will use that as the packing station 
(as with any horizontal surface in our house-we shall see how long it takes before it gets covered again).

Thank you Mr. Smith-
now you can use the office again!


  1. Ahhh that Mr Smith ROCKS yet again.
    Looks awesome.

  2. I think I do hear angels singing... It really was a miracle to find someone with old bleacher seats (for free).

  3. I heard the angels singing Jodi. What a lucky girl you are to have such a handy guy. Maybe he can teach my guy something. Love his ladder/shelf idea, it's very clever & cool.

  4. JOdy my jaw is on the ground! Woo hoo Mr. Smith has got some mad skills. It looks awesome and how clever. Enjoy the new space!


  5. No doubt if Kate said that, because it's really true, I can even say it, Guess I'd better visit that place.
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  6. Thanks for sharing those pictures. This post will surely inspire readers to do their own space enhancement projects as well.

  7. Using large jars as storage for your office supplies is a good idea. You did a good job on organising Mr. Smith's office too!


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