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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Accessories Christmas Tree

Yesterday it was
 Operation: Deck the Halls.
We spent the day over at my folks decorating their house for Christmas.
The kids were very helpful putting the tree together while Mom and I were rummaging through their house finding items for the tree.
Mom and I came up with the idea of doing an accessories tree last year while we were decorating.

Hats, purses, gloves, shoes, books, doilies, scarves, aprons, stockings, pearl necklaces, and parasols were used.
I brought over the black and white ribbon. 
 We used some red sparklers(the only thing that was from the Christmas boxes).
Fleur de lis, feathers, bow made by Mom, and parasol(precariously stuck in the tree by Moi) were the tree toppers. 
 Who said you need just one thing on top of the tree?
It really is spectacular in person. 
Definitely one of a kind tree.
This was such a fun tree to put together, Mom and I were discussing what color theme we could do next year.
Today is
Operation: Deck Our Own Halls.
Kids are still in bed.
Fall decorations need to be put away.
We shall see how much our halls get decked today!

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