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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Junkologie Blog Roll feature!

Joined Amy's Junkologie Blog Roll.....
Didn't think about again till Amy contacted me to do a guest feature....
What do I say and what is HTML? 
Amy was nice enough to walk me through it and
I am afraid I might lose some followers-Gulp!
People might think I am nutty!

I mean people that don't really know me might think I have lost it!
Yes, I love JUNK!
Yes, I am a major Goof-Ball!
So there it is people....
Mrs. Smith bearing her soul for the world to read....

I might just stay in my house in my pjs with my cup of tea forever if this totally bombs!



  1. You rocked it, girl! Thanks for being featured and for putting together such a fun post. Nutty and junking go hand in hand! So, don't are a completely normal junker. :)

  2. Love your blog...loved the blogroll and when I have to do that HTML thingie I'm calling you girl!


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