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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Craft Chaos

Right now my arms are hanging over this mess while I type....

Making Christmas Tags...

On the kitchen table is a few little ornaments I made from my felted sweaters...

More Owls in the process.  Going to work on some Scrabble piece pendants and maybe a necklace or two.

Gotta finish these projects so there's room for us to eat dinner tonight.

I can't seem to do just one project at a time....

Oh yeah,I also made homemade granola this morning too.

I think it's time for a Dr. Pepper!


  1. how did my table get in your house! yeah...I total feel ya...I thought you were going simple this Christmas...just couldn't do it could ya?

  2. Too funny! Love your crafty ornaments... sweet! :)
    ~ Jo


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