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Friday, August 12, 2011

Flea Market & The Adventures of the FREE Trailer!

Canopies are set up, goodies priced at really low prices, jump in pool when you can't take it anymore = Flea Market!

Tomorrow morning we will be having a sale in our side yard.
Cleaned out my booth at Oregon St. Antiques Mall of items that have over stayed their welcome. 

Boy Wonder and Drama Queen have cleaned out their rooms - sort of.  They each have a spot to put their stuff and set their own prices.

Mr. Smith sometimes has to rein me in....
Like tomorrow, I spotted a great garage sale on Craigslist. 
I asked if I could leave ours so I could pop over to that one. 
Sigh, he's right-nope I'm not going. 
 I'm going to send my Mom instead! 

Last weekend, Boy Wonder and I went to a garage sale and the nice lady there said I could have this trailer for FREE!

Totally trashed inside with some kind of animal scat droppings wasn't going to deter me!

Both Mr. Smith and my Dad have been on the look out for a vintage trailer. 

Mr. Smith was kind enough to stop by and deem the trailer too rotted.

He also wondered how I could even have thought that a trailer with some animal that had used it as a bathroom would get me so excited.

Um maybe when she said I could have it for FREE?
Love that word!

Hey, I wasn't going to be cleaning up that animal yucky mess.
I'm just the scout!

Anyone else out there that gets excited at the word FREE?

Maybe that's why Mr.Smith wants me home tomorrow-he's afraid of what I might pick up for FREE!


  1. If people come to the Flea Market - I am more than happy to give some items away for FREE if they have purchased something else.

  2. Mr. Smith is a my not-so-professional opinion that trailer was totally worth the price! if she'd be asking $7.50, NO WAY....

  3. I get you girl. Free? Those are words from Heaven..sort of angel music. I would have assumed we could have made it beautiful too. I mean it was free - the only way is up from that right?

  4. So funny! Eric about choked when he saw the picture of the trailer. You know he's on Rob's side. ha ha


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