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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Finds At TJMaxx

One of my favorite discount stores in Redding, CA is TJMaxx. 
Last night I made a quick stop in and found these chairs! 
Only $149.99 each-um okay, love them but not in my budget and they wouldn't coordinate with my color scheme in the kitchen.

I must have been destined to see these because I was wearing my Union Jack bracelet I made.

Loved this huge clock!

 I am a sucker for owls.
Sadly I left him at the store too.

Will power-
I didn't buy any of these items.
Just thought I would share what I found!

What stores do you love to go browsing?


  1. Even though the chairs don't match the kitchen, they would definitely be a conversation piece. Maybe get just one for the head of the table. I saw a sparkley silver and rhinestone owl ring yesterday. Thought of you!

  2. I want those chairs too.. but they wouldn't match any where in my house. Don't you hate it when you see something think about buying it but you don't...then you constantly think about it!!! It happens to me every time I go in TJ Maxx or homegoods. I LOVE your bracelet you made very cool.


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