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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays from The Smith Hotel! White Christmas Home Tour


White Christmas is the theme this year!

Boy Wonder really wanted a White Christmas.

Next year Drama Queen wants a colorful Christmas.

Mr. Smith tried to talk the kids out of a tree this year but we almost had a full scale RIOT on our hands!

We now have white lights on the house too!

Added a little tinsel tree for a festive look.

Need a little sign for my hook by the front door.  I made a large shipping tag sign out of creme paper and some glitter letters(had to be creative with the wording-working with the letters I had left).

Mr.Smith's folks gave us a nativity set. 
Fits perfect on a small silver tray.

Boy Wonder putting the star on top of the tree this year!

Was going to put branches in the tree like we did at my folk's house but before decorating our tree both kids boldly told me no branches were going in our tree.

So I just used them on the fireplace mantle instead!

Just couldn't bring myself to take everything off the tv cabinet after Halloween so I just added to it!

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Smith


  1. Love it! The tree looks beautiful!

  2. love it! do you do a new theme every year for your tree?

  3. I think you may have more decorations than kids will never believe it! Love what you've done...beautiful!!


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