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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lowered Prices at My Etsy Shop!

Lowered Prices at My Etsy Shop!

We are reorganizing the office to make it more efficient.
 Mr. Smith plans on painting and putting in a wall of shelves. 
Right now I store my Etsy Shop items in a waterfall dresser.
Mr. Smith will be painting the furniture.
I'm sure he will blog about it! 


  1. Hi Jody

    Looks like you have some wonderful sale items. I love the metal tags with the numbers on them. I think it so cute that Mr. Smith blogs. Have a great week


  2. Jody, I first found Mr. Smith some weeks ago and kept thinking I should check you out :)
    There are so many lovely things to see here!
    Love your blog!

    (Having more thank 200 followers, you're out of competition, but I'm going to award Mr. Smith the Liebster Blog Award tomorrow. Pssst, let it be a surprise...)



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