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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life at The Smith Hotel

Snow has a very important job.
 She rides to school everyday and makes sure the kids make it safe. 
This is her after dropping off the kids.
It's a hard job. 

Mrs. Smith fluffs and decorates her booth.

Making new jewelry, tea towels, and magnets.

Poor Honey, she was naked the other day. Someone had bought the black slip she was wearing. 
Mrs. Smith shoved dressed her in a bustier and pink petticoat. 
Honey is just a little too full figured for the bustier.

Decorating for Spring.

Adding some British goodies.

Mr. Smith has been busy at his "weekend job" painting away.
He even started to blog about it.

Go visit him and tell him I sent you! 

He has been joining linky parties.

His latest creation....

It's been very busy here getting ready for the Spring shows!

Snow is out sunning herself in the garage while Mr. Smith paints.


  1. Wow Jody

    Your Mr. Smith is quite talented indeed!!! I love those dressers how beautiful. Love your fluffing too looks great. Have a wonderful week. Sending you hugs from Cali


  2. Oh Jody I love the "fluffing" Of your booth and Mr Smith is very talented with his painting projects!! Way to go on the dressers! They look marvelous!!!!

    Take care!!

  3. First off you two- Mr and Mrs..crack me up. I love his blog and he is awesome at painting. You should have enslaved him long ago :) I adore your booth has so many things to look at. I am sure I'd be in there buying stuff for a long time. You Smith's are on my bucket list- yep I wanna shop the Smith boutique dang it.


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