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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Succulents,Typewriters,Trash Cans, and Crocks

Succulents in unusual containers.

Found a rusty typewriter with Smith
(couldn't pass it up for some reason).

Saw some inspirational pictures on Pinterest.

Just had to figure out how to make a planter without taking the typewriter apart.

Talking to a friend who makes succulent creations helped too.

Coconut fiber
(extra one from our hanging baskets)

Cut to fit the hole where the keys are.

Didn't remove anything just shoved the fiber down in the hole.

Trust me it gets more technical
(okay maybe not).

Filled the little space with cactus dirt.

Put succulents and Irish moss in the little hole. 
I used about 5 succulents and 2 different colors of Irish moss.

Different sizes and textures-some were just cuttings from other plants that I already had.

 The dirt was coming out the hole underneath so I filled that up with some hanging succulents that I just cut from another plant.

Water well and hope it doesn't die.  

Update: Been a few days and yep the plants are still alive.

Placed on my outdoor buffet 
(my most popular post HERE).

I had more succulents and Irish moss so I found another container.

A rusty little trash can 
(drainage hole already included).

To create more drainage and to conserve my bag of cactus dirt, I put all the plastic containers from the plants upside down in the bottom of the trash can(hey it is a trash can after all).
Sorry didn't take a picture of the trash/drainage.

Placed the trash can planter next to my BBQ.

Love having unusual planters!  

I planted these succulents in a big crock that had a crack in the bottom a few years back.


  1. I love the combo of the green succulant with the black of the typewriter and of course the letters and numbers! Three of my favorites. - I want to invite you to our Blog/Luncheon on June 29th, 10am to 2pm, $35(includes a High Hand box lunch). This is great way to grow your business and blog. Give me a call if you can make it! Thanks, Terry (916)261-9079.

  2. Saw some inspirational pictures on Pinterest.
    trash receptacles


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