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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pottery Barn Called!

Just wanted to show you my most recent creation......No, I am not classically trained in the Arts...


Just a moment~gotta answer the phone....


Pottery Barn?


Yes, this is Mrs. Smith.


You would like to commission how many?

Your willing to pay how much?

You would like me to fly to New York City?


Next week?

Good Morning America?





Oh~Sorry I must have fallen asleep~  

Like I was saying-Not formally trained in the Arts but I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

Here's where the techinal terms come in....I took a canvas, painted it grey, had it outside to dry, kiddos blew bubbles, bubbles popped onto canvas, Mom got MAD, added water-down white over the messed up grey,  cut out letters, pasted map over letters (after I cut out map letters), took brown chalk and antiqued letters and canvas......glued letters onto canvas......There you go~ Master Piece for my kitchen! 

hey it could happen...........     

Pottery Barn call Me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Momma's Got A Brand New Job!

Yesterday I officially moved into my space at the Oregon Street Antique Mall!  I am a dealer!!!!  This is a huge step for me (and my family)!  I haven't "worked" outside the home since I was pregnant with Boy Wonder who turned 11 years old  last October.  Mr. Smith is still looking for a job so I decided that I needed to step it up and try to sell my large collection of vintage finds! 
Loading up my wagon...
I arrived before Mr. Smith so I carried up the lighter items.  Boy that's going to be a workout hiking up and down stairs!
The tree and the screen are other dealers.....but the pole is mine!  Didn't get a good picture of my light that Mr. Smith hung from the pole~maybe next time!

Mr.Smith carried up the white screen and table.....had another appointment so left it like that.

Came back later with another table and my mom! 

The black line is the edge of my booth!
At least with 2 tables, I was able to unpack my first load of boxes....
Still need to get more display items to show off more goodies!  Not even close to how I want it to look but Mr. Smith is going to build me a cabinet out of old windows and maybe even shutters! Tables are temporary till I can get stuff built to fit the space!  Mr.Smith was even talking about building walls but we will have to see about that!
Going to make another trip tomorrow!  Bought some furniture today that Mr. Smith is going to refinish paint for me.  I would like to paint the desk and vanity (fabulously distressed mirrors) - white....Mr. Smith thinks they would look better stained... I told him that painted furniture is all the rage right now....Watch who wins this one!

The Open House and Boutique was great fun last weekend!  I made enough to rent my space for 3 months and get a business license!  Can't wait to see how the next 3 months will go!
 If you ever drive through Redding, California make a quick trip to the Oregon Street Antique Mall ~ I might be working!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Journey of a Table

San Diego ~ young couple shopping at garage sales......

short, mahogany table.....legs cut down to use at a preschool.....scribbles underneath....

young couple buys table with hopes of building up the legs and adding a leaf for a gorgeous dining room table....paid $20.

young couple move from San Diego to Sacramento...apartment too small but still hopeful that one day their table will be transformed....

young couple buys a house.....table stays in the garage.....

 couple has time to work on table..

young couple have a garage sale......decide to sell table.....good bye......sold for $10 to a friend that will use the table as~is for her grandchildren.....

table sits in another garage......

friend decides to have a garage sale.......

young couple ~ not so young anymore ~ goes to friend's garage sale.......table being sold for $10....
wife asks husband.........table bought for $10 and brought back to it's old garage....

couple and family move to Redding.....table moves too....

new garage......table stays...

wife asks husband to paint table white and leave the legs short...

table moves into couple's new house.....

as a coffee table with scribbles underneath.....

table is happy...

couple is happy....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coffee Filter Flowers

Ok~I am going to attempt a tutorial!  I hope I don't confuse anyone with all my "technical" terms.....

Step one.....Raid your pantry and find coffee filters....I had to look because hold your breath.....I don't drink coffee!  Give me a Dr. Pepper, tea (hot or cold) or water.  They were of course on the top shelf because
 a. Mr. Smith drinks coffee
b.His favorite coffee pot died.
c. Mr. Smith can reach the top shelf in the pantry.

Ok back to the coffee filter....Oh yes I had to climb the ladder....Mr. Smith came to help when he saw that I was on the ladder.....


Step two....Grab the center of the coffee filter and squish, smash together.

Step three....Get a big needle and poke it throught the squished part.

Step four....Shove needle and thread (think I forgot to mention threading the needle in step 3) through each  coffee filter until you have a string of smashed, squished filters (I used 10 for the large filters and 8 for the small ones).

Step five.....Shove that needle and thread through a couple of times and tie it off(you know with a knot).

Step six....Proceed to fluff, smoosh, puff out each coffee filter.

Step seven...Make more flowers.

Step eight....Heat up your glue gun and find a lump of twine.

Step nine....Glue the string of twine(cut to the desired length) to the back of the flowers. I glued the twine several places on the flower so they would lay right. I also varied the sizes to give a little variety.

Step ten....Hang wherever you like. I made these for my welcome sign on my salvaged door by my front door to greet my visitors for my Open House!  I couldn't get a full length shot because my entry way is pretty narrow!  You'll just have to pretend to see the whole door!

Now I used 2 sizes of coffee filters, one large and one small....I am sure they have a size but I am not going to climb the ladder again....You coffee drinking people should know what I am talking about...Those of you none coffee drinkers~Just work with me~large and small.  

For the smaller filters I smooshed and sewed together 8 filters.
For the larger ones I used 10 filters.

Why~I don't know~just sounded like good numbers.

I also just hot glued the twine to the top of the door!

There it is Folks...Go Forth and Be Crafty! 
I might just have to make more and decorate inside the house!
I am joining Cindy's Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is here!

Love all the flowers that are blooming in my backyard.  I thought I would join Susan @ A Southern Day Dreamer's Outdoor Wednesday!

Even Snow is enjoying this beautiful spring weather and she is even wearing a green dress for St. Patrick's Day.  Ah the life of a dog!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Carmie over at The Single Nester left me a comment about joining her Turquoise Tuesday Party!  Um~Hello it's one of my favorite colors and stones!
Went to San Francisco this past weekend with Mr. Smith for our anniversary...One of the places I had to stop by was Forever 21.  I love their accessories!  So that big hunk of turquoise was my find!  Under $10!
Oh like the new sunglasses?  H&M~baby!  They are blue with a gold swan on the side!

My lastest thrift store find~under $10!

I love Fleur de Lis so I made this garden flag!  Turquoise of course!

Can't wait to check out everyone else's turquoise finds!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thrifty Finds!

Last week I had so much fun participating with Linda at Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays, that I decided to hunt around my house for more thrifty finds! Not much of a challenge~the real challenge was how to just pick a few items for this week!

This chalkboard was purchased a few years back at a garage sale for $15.  It's been so much fun playing with it!  It stands by my front door and I change it depending on the season or occasion.  Since I am having my Open House this Friday and Saturday~it will greet visitors!

The basket and letters underneath are all thrift store or flea market finds.  My other "S" is in there too. 

The enamelware pitcher was a garage sale finds years ago.  The apothecary jar was a recent garage sale find for $5.  It was across the street from Drama Queen's school and since they were having the sale on a Friday~I was a little late picking her up from school!  Opps!   I made the tag and added the eggs (TJMaxx).  The cooler is a recent thrift store find.  Can I just say that I love it!  It was one of those times when I bought it and had no idea where I would put it.  I even thought about selling it!  After Mr. Smith painted the kitchen I knew that it would be perfect on top of my kitchen cabinet.  Oh how much did I buy it for?  Glad you asked!  I tell you a little secret~if you don't already know.  I donated some items to the Salvation Army and they give you a receipt.  Well on the bottom of that receipt is a coupon for 10 % off.  So the cooler was $10 but with my coupon it only cost me $9!  Shhhh~Don't go tell everyone!
Boy Wonder wanted a globe so I found this one at a thrift store for $5.  Love the blue color on it.  I stole it!  From Boy Wonder that is!  It was perfect to go in my kitchen.  Sorry!  Not really!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend in San Francisco and JUNK HEAVEN!!!

Mr. Smith and I took off for the weekend to San Francisco to celebrate our 18th Anniversary!  Our goal was to go to different places where we hadn't been before.   So Friday we headed to Oakland and visited the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Let's just say I impressed my hubby by finding that store.  It was so fun to walk around and look at all the windows, doors, sinks...... 
Saturday was spent in San Francisco exploring the Mission District and Cow Hollow. 
Sunday Mr. Smith located an architectural salvage store in Berkeley as we were headed back home.....Prepare for tons of photos....if you don't like junk than you can stop reading now.....

Can I just say JUNK HEAVEN!
Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley,CA!
I could hardly wait till Mr. Smith parked the car before I jumped out to explore!
They had 2 locations right across the street from each other!

Bath tub anyone?

Oh to have this sink!
Awesome scale!

Love those columns!
Mr. Smith in a shed filled with old molding and trim.
Me-like a kid in a candy store!

Yep, I am that girl that is beyond happy to spend her 18th Anniversary with her sweetie at a salvage yard!

Did we come home with anything?

Of course!

We picked out an old 5 panel door and 2 metal railings that we are going to remake into an outside buffet table to put next to the bbq.  Oh you think it's for Mr. Smith?  Well actually I am the Grill Master at our house (yes Mr. Smith can cook too).  I have been wanting an outside counter/table.  Once this is repainted and put together it should work out great for buffets.