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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cheap and Easy Couch Make Over

As I was browsing a thrift store before picking up the kids from school yesterday....I came across a quilt that had been cut up into 2 pieces.  Both pieces were $7 and with my usual decision making (meaning I have no idea what I might use them for but I will get them and figure it out later) I bought them and brought them home.

After washing and drying I did a zig zag stitch around both pieces.  Light bulb moment- What if I wrap the quilts around my couch and chair.

It isn't permanent but I thought it was a cheap update.  I am sure I will get tired of it soon so I will reuse the quilt pieces somewhere else or make something with them.

Joining Linda @ Coastal Charm

Friday, April 23, 2010

One of those weeks!

Mr. Smith starts his new job next week so this week has been a scramble to finish things around the house.

My first ever outside sale is next Sat. May 1st.  It will be a big event at a local high school.  Exciting but loads of work getting ready for it!

Had to take Snow (my baby) to the vet yesterday....Seems she tore a tendion on her back leg so her knee cap gets dislocated....  She is limping around with her back leg in the air.   I am having sympathy knee hurts too.   Surgery could be in the future for her.  We need to wait for a couple of weeks to see how she is doing. 

Oh and something went wrong with the hot water heater again today.......

It's Friday right?

I am sleeping in tomorrow!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day of Celebration! Sale! Sale! Sale!

Loads to celebrate today~and everyday for that matter!

I have an amazing guy that lives with me! 

He is a hard worker!

I have used  put him to work since he lost his job in January.

He has painted for me, built things for me, gone grocery shopping for me, transported the kiddos to school for me, moved heavy items for me.....

Mr.Smith has hit the pavement seriously looking for a job.....

He received an offer today!

Exciting news for our family and life will be a little different around here again!

Maybe even get the tv turned on again!

So the sun is out today, the kiddos are at school, Mr. Smith is out on a long run....

How am I going to celebrate today?

I am going to have a sale!

I love sales!

So I am going to have my first sale at my booth starting today and ending April 19!
25% off everything in the booth!

What?  Can't make the drive?

That's okay!

I am also going to have a sale at my Etsy Shop too!

That's right 25% off everything there too!

Just put "Blog Friend" in the comments when ordering and I will credit back the 25%!

Mr.Smith and I at Crater Lake, Oregon last week for Spring Break!
We were blessed with an unexpected mini vacation with the kiddos from a family at our church!

Let's celebrate together!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The transformation of Mrs. Creepy!

Somehow this HEAD showed up at my house around the time of my Open House....
Needless to say it's been in kid's beds....hallways....countertops......and well she is a little creepy....Great fun for April Fool's Day.....even Snow growls at it......

So I came up with a plan.......with a little help from my girls at the Open House.....Shave her hair and decoupage her head....

Mr. Smith was kind enough to let me borrow his hair clippers for the job.....

Let's just say I am Not "Professional Trained". 

But I think she looks better without her hair.....

I had to add fangs....

Oh did I mention that my Mom bought this head sometime~probably with lack of sleep~ anywhoo.....

She was nice enough to give it to me~FREE!  Yeah can you believe she didn't charge me?

I wonder how much she bought it for???

 Out thrift store shopping on Monday with the family~last day of Spring Break......I picked up 5 books for FREE!  Don't hate me people!  I could have taken more but I didn't want to be greedy! 

So my brilliant plan emerged.......Books....Head.......Mod Podge.....

I figured she couldn't look any uglier.......Now just so you know I don't think the face is ugly just the freaky blue eyeshadow and her hair.....So if you know someone who looks like this-please I am not judging!!!!

The kiddos named her Mrs. Creepy......

She might make an appearance around Halloween.......or under the sheets!  Boo!

Kinda looks like a mummy now....

But hey Mrs. Creepy was FREE! 

How about that for a bargain?

Just as a disclaimer: I have been sick and drinking the Ol' Nyquil at night.....I am a little nutty!

And no Mom you can't have her back!

Ok~I take cash or checks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a little bit country....I'm a little bit rock~n~roll

Ok, Ok.....yes I am of the Donny and Marie Osmond era........What can I say? 

Just in case anyone was curious about me~Jody~aka Mrs. Smith, I will give you a little history of who I am....

I was born and raised in Southern California.....Nope, not blond.... I burn instead of tan.....grew up shopping at Kmart not Neiman Marcus..... Dad was a elementary school teacher....Mom was a mom and worked part time at an elementary school as the attendance lady.....

What's the point in all of this?

Well, most people don't think of cowboys and rodeos with Southern California.....
but my Dad was raised in Southern California on an egg ranch.

Yep, they raised chickens and sold eggs.....
By the time I was around the ranch had long been sold and now is covered with office buildings.

So when we would go on vacation in the summer we would go horseback riding and attend rodeos.....

My parents are big fans of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders).

Fast forward to the present.....I have lived in Northern California-Sacramento and Redding for 16 years.....

Red Bluff's rodeo is this month.....It's a big parents are going (oh yeah they moved to Redding 5 years ago after Dad retired-Mom was born and raised here). 

The point to this story?

Well, I have had several requests for something with cowgirls/western....
So I made 3 bottle cap pendants with cowgirls....
on sale now at my Etsy Shop...

and at my booth at the Oregon Street Antique Mall, Redding, CA....

So if you like stop on by and say HOWDY!