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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mr. Smith finally let me paint!

It's true, Mr. Smith doesn't like me to paint furniture.  
It's his "thing". 

It could stem from the time that we were repainting our master bedroom and bathroom in Sacramento.
He was working, I was nursing a 6 month old.

  I was trying to be nice and paint while Mr. Smith was at work.

Just when I was getting into painting it would be feeding time again.

 I let the paint brushes dry with paint on it.
Sorry, hungry boy was more important at the time- paint brushes not so much. 

 Absolute horror for Mr. Smith! 

Could also be that I was a little heavy handed painting the bathroom and left drips of paint on the molding. 

(You would only notice it when you sat on the toilet.)

So there you go - a little history of why he won't let me paint.

Fast forward 13 years......

Mr. Smith was working at an antiques show at our local mall demonstrating CeCe Caldwell's paint that we sell.

I've never painted with it.


Reason- see above explanation.

Could also be that I leave the sides of the can messy.

 I tried to explain to Mr. Smith that not everyone is perfect like him and that lots of imperfect people paint.

So long story short(not),
I found a cute coffee table and begged him to let me paint it at the show.


Glossy table with some deep scratches.

First I covered the table with Pittsburgh Grey-not the whole thing just enough that I could sand through to the color in places.

Then I painted the entire table in Simply White.

Mr. Smith was nice enough to help paint the legs so we could get it done a little faster.

Then we sanded the heck out of it.

Mr. Smith sanded the legs and I sanded the table top.

Love the little medallions on the legs that got lost when it was wood colored.

Mr. Smith finished up by waxing it and buffing it out.

Not too bad for my first time painting with CeCe Caldwell's paint!

Moral of this story:

Yes "even messy - need to feed their babies before rinsing out paint brushes moms" can paint. 

It did help that my kids aren't nursing anymore (they were partying it up at the grandparents So. Cal home). 

 Technically I was child free but I think that you still could paint with little ones around.

  That is as long as your husband isn't Mr. Smith.

Will he let me paint again?

I'm not holding my breath.

No husbands were hurt in the painting of this table. 
Please ask permission before operating painting equipment if you are married to Mr. Smith.  
Mr. Smith approved this blog. 
 I still love him!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Succulents,Typewriters,Trash Cans, and Crocks

Succulents in unusual containers.

Found a rusty typewriter with Smith
(couldn't pass it up for some reason).

Saw some inspirational pictures on Pinterest.

Just had to figure out how to make a planter without taking the typewriter apart.

Talking to a friend who makes succulent creations helped too.

Coconut fiber
(extra one from our hanging baskets)

Cut to fit the hole where the keys are.

Didn't remove anything just shoved the fiber down in the hole.

Trust me it gets more technical
(okay maybe not).

Filled the little space with cactus dirt.

Put succulents and Irish moss in the little hole. 
I used about 5 succulents and 2 different colors of Irish moss.

Different sizes and textures-some were just cuttings from other plants that I already had.

 The dirt was coming out the hole underneath so I filled that up with some hanging succulents that I just cut from another plant.

Water well and hope it doesn't die.  

Update: Been a few days and yep the plants are still alive.

Placed on my outdoor buffet 
(my most popular post HERE).

I had more succulents and Irish moss so I found another container.

A rusty little trash can 
(drainage hole already included).

To create more drainage and to conserve my bag of cactus dirt, I put all the plastic containers from the plants upside down in the bottom of the trash can(hey it is a trash can after all).
Sorry didn't take a picture of the trash/drainage.

Placed the trash can planter next to my BBQ.

Love having unusual planters!  

I planted these succulents in a big crock that had a crack in the bottom a few years back.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Clearance Table is set up at my booth(upstairs)at Oregon St. Antiques Mall.

We are packed to the roof with goodies and need to make room!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Vintage Barn Sale

We are holding up the rear of the barn!

The grubby workers!

Yee Haw!

See ya'll tomorrow!

8th Grade Graduation

It only seems like yesterday when Boy Wonder was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Last night he graduated from 8th grade.

Congratulations Austin!