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Monday, August 23, 2010

Preview of TheSmithHotel's Second Open House and Boutique...

I've been slacking on blogging...  Kids are back at school and I've been busy cleaning out the office to set up shop for our open house on Sept 11th.

I'm trying to clean out the garage so Mr. Smith can work on another paint project-a kitchen cabinet that I will be using for displaying all my kitchen items that I've been gathering.

Since the kids are back in school, I've been working at Oregon St. Antiques Mall. 
I made the mistake of looking at the calendar and started to panic.....3 weeks till Open House....I've still have loads to do and make! 
So I haven't disappeared......Well maybe I have with my house looking like this...
Moved furniture around the other night and still need to put the rug back....for now we are just stepping over it....
It's so bad the front door is blocked......What's a dining room chair doing in the living room?  Sigh...I still have loads of work to do but now I must get ready to go to work!  It will still be waiting for me when I get home!
 I promise it won't look like this in 3 weeks!  Really!  It's driving me crazy.....I really need a barn!