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Monday, August 29, 2011

Whiskeytown Lake Kayak Tours

Couple of us granola crunching girls out in kayaks on beautiful Whiskeytown Lake.

Mrs. Chambers and I posing in our lovely Personal Flotation Devices or if you know the lingo- PFD's. 

 Last night, our three hour tour.....
Not quite 3 hours but close. 

We found wild blackberries.

Some of the kids went swimming.

Boy Wonder tipped over in the one man kayak-
he didn't mean to do that.
(I personally think he did.)

 What started out as a hot trip, finished with some of us shivering from the paddle-splashing fight. 
 Leaving some of us soaked.

Good times.

Today my back, arms -
 Ok, my whole body is letting me know that  hours of paddling is exhausting.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great Finds At TJMaxx

One of my favorite discount stores in Redding, CA is TJMaxx. 
Last night I made a quick stop in and found these chairs! 
Only $149.99 each-um okay, love them but not in my budget and they wouldn't coordinate with my color scheme in the kitchen.

I must have been destined to see these because I was wearing my Union Jack bracelet I made.

Loved this huge clock!

 I am a sucker for owls.
Sadly I left him at the store too.

Will power-
I didn't buy any of these items.
Just thought I would share what I found!

What stores do you love to go browsing?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flea Market & The Adventures of the FREE Trailer!

Canopies are set up, goodies priced at really low prices, jump in pool when you can't take it anymore = Flea Market!

Tomorrow morning we will be having a sale in our side yard.
Cleaned out my booth at Oregon St. Antiques Mall of items that have over stayed their welcome. 

Boy Wonder and Drama Queen have cleaned out their rooms - sort of.  They each have a spot to put their stuff and set their own prices.

Mr. Smith sometimes has to rein me in....
Like tomorrow, I spotted a great garage sale on Craigslist. 
I asked if I could leave ours so I could pop over to that one. 
Sigh, he's right-nope I'm not going. 
 I'm going to send my Mom instead! 

Last weekend, Boy Wonder and I went to a garage sale and the nice lady there said I could have this trailer for FREE!

Totally trashed inside with some kind of animal scat droppings wasn't going to deter me!

Both Mr. Smith and my Dad have been on the look out for a vintage trailer. 

Mr. Smith was kind enough to stop by and deem the trailer too rotted.

He also wondered how I could even have thought that a trailer with some animal that had used it as a bathroom would get me so excited.

Um maybe when she said I could have it for FREE?
Love that word!

Hey, I wasn't going to be cleaning up that animal yucky mess.
I'm just the scout!

Anyone else out there that gets excited at the word FREE?

Maybe that's why Mr.Smith wants me home tomorrow-he's afraid of what I might pick up for FREE!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giveaway Winner, Flea Market, & Anniversary Sale!

The winner of The Smith Hotel canvas tote is
Spencer from Bellamere Cottage!

Don't forget about our Flea Market this Saturday!

Plus Oregon Street Antique Mall is having a 4th Anniversary sale this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  The Smith Hotels' booth will be having a 30% off sale!

Busy weekend ahead!
Next week Back To School!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better Tote Pictures over at ChambersMade!

Mrs. Chambers posted about my tote giveaway-
her pictures were Way Better Than Mine!

So if you need some help trying to think of a reason why you should enter my Giveaway-pop over to ChambersMade.

Mrs. Chambers is funny, talented, creative, and would love to have more Followers!

Looking like another double Dr.Pepper day today!

Mrs. Smith

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Expanded Space, A Flea Market, and A Giveaway!

The Smith Hotel has expanded again!

Please excuse the poor photos-some were taken at night-but you'll get the idea!

My Mom, Mr. Smith and I worked last night to expand the space-little more breathing room.  Even with all this new space-the house continues to be overrun with my business.

  Time to clean up!

Next Saturday, August 13 from 7am-12pm-
The Smith Hotel will be having a Flea Market!
It will be at our house(the side of our house actually). 
There will be vintage items, household items, and even the kids are adding stuff. 
It's time do clean up or apply to be on the Hoarders Show! Ha!

Along with expanding my booth,
 I'm having a Giveaway!

A canvas tote from The Smith Hotel!

All you need to do is be a follower
and leave a comment! 
Enter a second time if you let your blog followers know!
Contest winner will be announced on
August 9th!

 This tote will also get you 10% off your purchase anytime Mrs. Smith is at a show! 
If you don't win this tote now-you can still get one! 
 They will be available at my booth too!
Plus the first 10 customers that purchase $30 or more will receive one FREE at

So just to recap:
 ~Larger booth at Oregon St. Antique Mall
~Flea Market
~Tote Giveaway

Thanks for following!

Mrs. Smith

 P.S. This blog post was written under the influence of 2 full servings of Dr.Pepper!

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