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Monday, November 26, 2012

Woodland Christmas

Woodland Christmas


Besides the embroidery hoop ornaments and the mushrooms-everything else was already on hand.
Oh wait, except the greenery I borrowed from my Mom and Grandma.
Kinda of scaled down for us but it was fun just to get all the little trees with lights in them.
The kids even opted just to put a little tree in their bathroom with no ornaments just lights.

Snow claimed the Christmas blanket made by Grandma right away. 
Happy Holidays
The Smith Hotel!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Accessories Christmas Tree

Yesterday it was
 Operation: Deck the Halls.
We spent the day over at my folks decorating their house for Christmas.
The kids were very helpful putting the tree together while Mom and I were rummaging through their house finding items for the tree.
Mom and I came up with the idea of doing an accessories tree last year while we were decorating.

Hats, purses, gloves, shoes, books, doilies, scarves, aprons, stockings, pearl necklaces, and parasols were used.
I brought over the black and white ribbon. 
 We used some red sparklers(the only thing that was from the Christmas boxes).
Fleur de lis, feathers, bow made by Mom, and parasol(precariously stuck in the tree by Moi) were the tree toppers. 
 Who said you need just one thing on top of the tree?
It really is spectacular in person. 
Definitely one of a kind tree.
This was such a fun tree to put together, Mom and I were discussing what color theme we could do next year.
Today is
Operation: Deck Our Own Halls.
Kids are still in bed.
Fall decorations need to be put away.
We shall see how much our halls get decked today!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Woodland Christmas Crafts

Woodland Christmas
is our theme this year.
Drama Queen supplied the deer.
I made the tree out of a felted sweater, Styrofoam cone and straight pins.
The wood log was given to me by my Grandpa many years ago.
Gnome vases are for sale at my booths-
Our mushrooms are made out of  little wood candlesticks
(picked up at a garage sale this summer for 10 cents each).
Clay saucers(tiny ones) were found at Walmart for 10 cents each.

 Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived at our

Gearing up for a great holiday season!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Woodland Christmas

Woodland Christmas
This year the kids and I decided that we wanted to do a Woodland Christmas theme.
Drama Queen and I were busy crafting on Friday making these very large ornaments on embroidery hoops. 
I picked up an arm full of them a few weeks back at Goodwill.
The largest ones are 16 inches.
Prices ranged from 99 cents to 49 cents.
We used material that I already had plus we picked up a red plaid and red polka dot material at Joann's last week.

These will be great to set in the tree.
We will be painting mushrooms in the next few weeks out of little wood candlesticks and terracotta saucers. 
Plus we are going to be recycling a large science cardboard poster that Drama Queen used last year for a school project. 
 We plan on making big mushrooms and other wild life out of the cardboard and painting them for ornaments.
Still debating if I want to make a new set of stockings this year. 
Might go with a very simple design.
Plus a new tree skirt to match. 
It's going to be a very crafty Christmas.