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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 13 in PJs

My brain is foggy (due to drugs).
 My sleeping is messed up (Can't go to sleep till 1am and drag out of bed 11 or 12 hours later). 
 I have the weirdest dreams.
  I live in a sea of pillows, pjs, magazines, books and tv. 
 I eat whatever Mr. Smith gives me (thankful for all the homemade meals people have dropped by). 
I walk around the backyard to get some exercise in my pjs and zebra stripped robe.
  I stare at the living rooms walls. 
 I ask Mr. Smith if I could have him paint a new color for me on the 3 walls that are now painted a buttery yellow. 
 Mr. Smith says "Ok, just let me know what color you would like me to paint them". 
 I can't drive right now so I'm sure he feels safe in saying that-since I can't go get paint samples. 
 He has been several times to Home Depot but no paint chips come back with him.  
 My brain is fuzzy with the wonderful pain numbing effects of Norco.
  The sun is shining, I think I will take a couple of spins around the backyard.
 I will think about the new color I would like for the living room walls. 
 I will get back in bed and read a little.
  Take a little nap. 
This is my life right now. 
 I missed all the after Christmas sales.
I haven't been to a thrift store in over 3 weeks.
 Mr. Smith put away our little Christmas tree and stockings while I laid in my comfy chair with Drama Queen's Littlest Pet Shop Comforter.
Ah the joys of post op.

 I took these pictures at night.

 Not going to make any decision about the living room until I'm thinking more clearly aka off the meds. 

So that's my post for today. 
Me-drugged up thinking about having Mr. Smith paint the living room walls.  Yep, it's cause for some serious excitement. 

Anyone have any ideas what color I should have Mr. Smith paint?  I was thinking of a shade or two darker than the kitchen walls- grey.

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