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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 24 in PJs

Day 24 in PJs.....

I'm healing slowly.  Trying to do my best to get a little walking in everyday and not lifting anything.

I've moved from nightgowns (they drive me bonkers trying to sleep in them) to my wonderful flannel bottoms with the adjustable waist.  Glad I kept my "fat" jeans or I would be stuck wearing sweats every time I go out.

Sorry, but right now decorating isn't really on my mind.  Mr. Smith came home on Saturday from a business trip to South Dakota and he was not feeling too well.

Monday morning he went to see his doctor and found out he has pneumonia.  So the kids were shipped off to my folks house this week so we could try to heal. 

Such is life right now at The Smith Hotel. 
Today I plan on watching some movies-I am getting so tired of watching TV. 

Mr. Smith started his own little blog in December....

It's all about his travels. 


  1. Hope you both feel better soon! Nothing like a pair of fleecy, elastic-waist pajama bottoms! And a hot cup of tea! :-)

    ~Sharon C.


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