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Monday, April 11, 2011

2nd Saturday ArtHop

Renae Tolbert came by and took these first 2 pictures.

My Harlot Pendants that I've been working on for The Burlap Harlot Show.

It was a fun evening!

Mr. Smith did make the comment
 that I'm in "factory mode".

I tend to make large quantities of items-
I can't seem to shut down.

  So this week I'll be taking a much needed break and working on household things-
like cleaning, paying bills (which I have failed horribly on this past month), laundry, cooking, and spending time with my family. Ok-I've pretty much failed on all of the above!

Oh, and setting up for another Open House 
this Friday and Saturday. 
 Last month our Open House pretty much was rained out so the girls wanted to try again.

I'll be at the Red Bluff Rodeo Friday night with my family though! 

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  1. Love your beautiful artwork! thank you for the fab pendant! Housecleaning is overrated... it will still be there when you're ready to tackle it. See you @ the show soon! Viva La Burlap Harlots! haha! xoxo


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