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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Design Post, An Excuse and A Sneek Peak......

For over a month now, my mantle looks like this....
Paint chips, some candles and a ceramic bird...... I have decided to go with the blue color on the right (that's why it's by itself).
I have studied the color throughout the day....

Now I just need to get Mr. Smith to be around long enough to paint (he is the painter of the household-I'm just the mess maker and paint picker outer).

I've already informed Mr.Smith that I would like the clock taken down so I can repaint it white.

As we've been discussing painting the 3 walls, we are stuck with a big piece of furniture question.

Do we or don't we move it to paint?

So far, our decision is to leave it, paint around it, move tv out, paint behind it and call it good.

We have a wall basically of windows so it really wouldn' t take much for Mr. Smith to do.

Mr. Smith got a fabulous job in October last year (yeah)!

He just is traveling all the time-which the kids and I are fine with-he had another great job like that which he was laid off from last January. 
 It just is hard to get projects done that are not top priorities (like living room walls).
Throw in a surgery for moi end of December, work, kids, etc.... Well no design posts for awhile.


Doesn't mean I haven't been busy though....

I've been shopping and creating....

Someone mentioned to me that they would love to see my garage. 
Really folks-it ain't pretty....

Some of my "stash" that I've been working on getting ready for my first big show this year-

So the real question is-
 when will the living room walls get painted? 

If you can answer that let me know!

(Mr. Smith reads my little blog too-so if Roberto the hair colorist could pencil me in I could really use some gray coverage!)


  1. I too, belong to the traveling husband brigade! I have been meaning to paint our interior walls for some time now... shows, shows, shows... I keep saying after this 'next' show! haha! Keep up the great work Jody. Love your blog. xoxo Mo

  2. I say let Drama Queen paint...might keep her out of the principles office...wait...not that I knew she went to the principles office...just guessing by her name!


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