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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mirrors & A Mess

Thought I would show you another love of mine....

Even have an old mirror hanging out in the garage by the sink.
One thing about mirrors is that they reflect......
Like reflect a Mess.

Next few pictures could result in loss of sleep, nightmares, horrible feelings of judgement, etc.

The office...
really need to get in there and get a little (just a little) more organized.

The garage....
at least there is a walk way.  Sideways walk way count?

I could give you a list of excuses...

~I keep finding great goodies.

~It's summer vacation.

~It's too hot.

~It's been raining (freak of nature).

~I've been partying too much (Mr. Smith and my birthdays were this week).

~My kids are enjoying Mom-not "leave me alone I'm working", Mrs. Smith mode.

~Watching too many movies and staying in our PJ's till noon or later.

~Watching trashy shows
 (like Real Housewives of whatever the location).

~Watching educational TV
 (science channel and history channel).

~Watching Ghost Adventures
(laughing and scaring each other).



~Shopping (gotta go grocery shopping too).

~Catching up on my 300 blogs that I follow and haven't had time to read lately.



~Swimming at my folks and eating of course.

~Mr. Smith has been traveling for work
(a third of the mess in the office is his).

So it will get cleaned up eventually.

What are vacations for? 

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  1. Ha! Love your mirrors and your "mess"; I'm too chicken to show you mine! (messes, that is!)



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