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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I must confess, I'm a little obsessed with succulents.  So I thought I would do a post on all the succulents and the containers that I use.
This is my newest one - sitting out by the front door.  I keep transplanting the string of pearls so you'll be seeing them everywhere. 

So easy to take care of.  Inside the home and outside too! 
 No faux ones here!

In my backyard are the older ones.  I put them in crocks, terra cotta planters and even urns outside.  We freeze here so they stay under the patio during the winter.

Succulents-my not so secret obsession!


  1. ohhh, love the string of pearls...can you make starts from it? if so I would like one....hint hint...

  2. Oh Mrs. Smith your succulents are just wonderful. I love them all.

    Paula of Ivy & Elephants

  3. I have begun an obsession with succulents too! I have a friend who has alot of variety and she keeps giving me starts of new kinds. Great and cheap way to get them!


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