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Monday, June 6, 2011

Roses & Rust Vintage Home and Garden Market

Great Show on Saturday at Roses & Rust!
Despite the rainy weather my Mom and I were so busy-quick trips to the restroom were the only time we left our booth! 

  Since Mr. Smith and Boy Wonder went to Lewiston's Peddlers Faire on Saturday as well (they too had a better than expected turn out in the rain)-we decided to keep it simple. Which meant no big pieces of furniture-just lots of smalls.

Great show and we will be back in October!


  1. Okay, the comment I just left dissapeared on me! I was telling you that two of my friends, The Vintage Bicoleur and Wildberry Ranch (aka the Bustos) both had booths at Roses and Rust! They had some great pictures, sounds like it was a great show! Glad you did so well!

  2. A FABULOUS booth as usual! Hopefully, I will make it in October!

  3. Great 'outside table' - never would have thought of ironwork pieces and a door. Very inventive. I am going to follow your blog (and put you in my Favorites too.
    - Joy


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