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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Comes Early To The Booth!

Mr. Smith, my Mom, & I had fun decorating the booth for Halloween last night.

I took pictures today-it was so dark when we finished!

A friend gave me several bags full of old frames that were perfect to use with those fun headless Pottery Barn pictures!
This is the first thing you see as you are climbing the stairs!

Couldn't quite get a good picture of all the sharp tools that I have hanging from the ghost lampshades hanging from the ceiling.

Reading all those murder mystery books have worn off.  
How about a trombone case to carry a body in? 

Galvanized gas can makes a great vase for branches and a crow!

Doesn't everything look better under glass?

Picked up some silhouettes at Dollar Tree the other day which were perfect to scatter around the booth.

Created this fun picture.
Doesn't she look like a nice lady?

Until you get on her bad side!

I brought in a couple of carloads of new stuff to sell and to decorate with.

Picked up the candelabras at Dollar Tree Store too.

Of course, everyone needs a scale to measure that skull they have lying around!

Happy Decorating!


  1. It looks great, I got to get up and get busy at my booth. Did I see black tree limbs. Branches I got, along with black spray paint. Hmm!

  2. Let the holidays begin! Your booth is a wonderful start!

  3. Isn't Halloween grand? I love everything about the season and esp the cool air. I love your shop not only is it packed full of needful things but a few that go Boo in the night. First time follower, drop by my booth I have a giveaway in celebration of my 100 followers. Kathy


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