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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greetings from TheSmithHotel

Greetings from TheSmithHotel,
Yes, my name really is Mrs. Smith.

And that is about as clever as I can get right now(writer's block or blog block maybe). I have been reading blogs for a few months now and have gained so much inspiration from so many women. So I guess I thought I could add my 2 cents in too.

I love to decorate and I am frugal. Sometimes it makes for an interesting combination but always fun. Mr. Smith is rolling his eyes now. Shopping is my favorite hobby. I decided that I could climb a mountain but there would have to be a mall/thrift sale/garage sale at the top or what would be the point. (I am sure I have already offended some people-Mr. Smith is an avid outdoors/exercise nut). I love to cook and with lots of practice I can say that my food is for the most part edible. I am a stay home mom (but I hardly am at home) with 2 kids. I have been known to pick up kids a little late from school because I was at a store........No children were harmed though. Wow this is already going down hill-true confessions-yeah I am not perfect! I should stop for today or Mr. Smith will ban me from the computer!

Life is an adventure and I am along for the ride!

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