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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Shabby, Parisian themed Christmas!!

Yes, if you were wondering what Boy Wonder and Mr. Smith were doing-they are putting up an Eiffel Tower on top of The Smith Hotel Christmas tree.

We avoided the rush on Black Friday but had to venture out yesterday to get some supplies. So as Mr. Smith and the kids waited patiently in the car, I ran inside Michaels. Grabbing what I needed, I thought I would make a quick perusal of the holiday items before standing in the checkout line. Much to my utter delight, this silvery, glittery Eiffel Tower was 40% off. Now I have to backtrack for those of you questioning why I needed an Eiffel Tower.

Here is the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Smith......

Mrs. Smith-"I want to do a shabby, Parisian theme Christmas this year."

Mr. Smith-"Maybe the lamp (Eiffel Tower) that you got in Portland would work."

Hours later.....

Mrs. Smith-"Can you get the Eiffel Tower lamp on top of the tree?"

Mr. Smith-"No, it is too large-we would need something smaller."

So with that conversation in my mind-what do I find at Michaels but a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower(in silver no less). As I leave the store, I pull out my purchase from the bag and jump up and down in the parking lot as the kids hang out the car windows giving me thumbs up and cheering!!!! Even Mr. Smith is smiling!!!! He was even happier to hear that I got it on sale! What do you have on the top of your Christmas tree?

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