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Sunday, September 26, 2010

$1 Party at Sweetspot last night!

Last night at the $1 Party @ Sweetspot.
I made a new burlap tablecloth.

Brought my upcycled pumpkins.

Drama Queen even got her face painted.

Boy Wonder was excited because he sold 2 duct tape wallets and got an order for another one.


  1. Loved spending the evening with your family! I have to bring a camera.....Im so forgetful!
    See ya tonight!

  2. How did you do last night?
    Were you selling the owl pillow in your last post?
    I am interested in it for my daughter--
    Also, what size is the burlap tablecloth, if you still have it? I like that, too...I have PayPal...lemme know?
    Thanks, sweetie!


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