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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loving Black & White!

Jar full of black and white dominoes found their way into my urn or as the kids call it "The Bird Bath".

A few years back I decided that I would only pick up black and white items for my house.

I am loving any type of game piece right now!  Dice, chess pieces, dominoes etc.

So much fun to fill up a jar or urn.

So instead of my black rocks for this time of year, I tried to think outside the box.

Boy Wonder helped with the drawing of the giveaway and the winner is...



She just happens to be my friend and fellow blogger!

Stop by her blog and say Hi!

She cooks....

She is crafty.....

She does home improvements....

She is also a triathlete.....

Thanks everyone for participating in the giveaway!


  1. woot woot!...can't believe I won...
    last time I won a blog giveaway I ended up giving YOU the prize!...
    UM...Yeah, this time I'm keeping it for myself!

  2. I like your thinking outside of the box. It is fun to shake things up a bit.


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