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Wednesday, September 1, 2010



n. A state of hesitation or perplexity; predicament.  

I started blogging back in November and this is my 99th post.......I have 97 followers......

Didn't want to just do any old 99th post........thought it would be fun to have 100 followers for my 100th post......maybe a giveaway?  Well I tried that before and only 11 people entered and my Mom won.....


I know silly me!

On to more important matters....
Still working on the Open House and Boutique.....September 11th at my house....Gulp.....

10 days....

Mr. Smith finally hung my brass chandelier up for my display!

Mr. Smith painted and installed my White kitchen cabinet so I could load it up with my goodies for sale!

My fabulous birdcages on top of the black library table that Mr.Smith painted black.
I love the white rusty "McMansion" one!

Snow White all curled up on top of pillows and a blanket-she has is so rough here!

Oh and don't look at the crooked pictures in the back or the coke can waiting to be put in the recycled bin!

I have 10 days to clean up the house and get my friends moved in with their goodies to sell! 

Oh and I'm moving! 

Yep!  Got a new space at the Oregon Street Antiques Mall.....I have 2 walls and a window plus more foot traffic! 

So if anyone is reading, please give me some feedback on what I should do for my 100th post!  Fellow bloggers-has anyone else had this problem? 

Joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday!


  1. no ideas on how to help you get followers...I'm stuck back at lonely # 47...MAYBE you could tell your followers about this other amazing blog over at and if they become my followers then we will enter them into a contest, a contest to win a free tour of your home at the Open House...

  2. Looks like you're doing great-everything is coming together! happy WW

  3. Almost there!! Your open house sounds exciting, good luck!

  4. Too bad you are far away...I'll have to miss your great sale. I hope it gets busy and you sell it all so you can shop for some more :)!!

  5. Oh my you are having a sale in your home? I adore your blog, this is just the cutest ever! Listen, I signed up to become your 100th follower, but it is not showing that i am on there, do you see me? Anyhoo, have a lovely day and good luck with your sale! Squishy hugs,

  6. Oh I would LOVE to come shop there; it all looks delicious!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I was surprised to see that you are in Redding - I grew up in Willows!


  7. I am in the same quandry...if you fiqure out the answer will you let me in on it? :) Good luck on your open house!

    Best wishes.

  8. Great display with the vintage suitcases! And luv the collection of bird cages.....Julian

  9. I'm really starting to like burlap, too ... just made a table runner and pillow! Thanks for stopping by ... I'd love to follow your blog!


  10. Well congrats on 100! I think you are right how one bad person can ruin your day, but I really try and keep a good attitude, but sometimes it's the bad attitudes that win :) I'm sure you'll think of something great. Many congrats.

  11. Since I can not be there in person, the least I can do is follow. Please take pictures during your party and share with those of us miles and miles away.

  12. Hello my new friend! Thanks for visiting me....we seem to have a lot in common, although I've never hosted an open house/antique sale in my home. Gosh almighty....that's a lot of work! Your blog is great, I'm bookmarking it. Love your little dog too!

  13. hi! read your profile and knew right away that we would "click" (loving David Cook and Twilight series!) :-)
    I totally sympathize w/ the "open house" - had them for 16 yrs on weekend before Thanksgiving (and this when I had a full time "big girl's job") - loads of fun, made lots of $$, but TONS of work!
    Love your blog and wish NH was closer to CA so I could come and enjoy the fruits of your labor - looking great so far!
    best wishes -
    Wanda in NH (with zero followers)


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