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Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Arrived Early at My Booth!

Making the transition from summer to fall at my booth.

Loaded up the car this morning and headed over to Oregon St. Antiques Mall.

Added cobwebs, ravens, spiders, and leaves.

Plus brought in a car load of items from the Open House!

Oh yes, did you notice the natural light and the wall?

I moved the other week to a different booth upstairs.

Same size of space as before but with 2 walls and a window!

I have PACKED this booth! 

I'm sooo not a professional photographer~plus doesn't help that I've dropped my little camera a few times.

Shh don't tell Mr. Smith-that will be our little secret!
I'm off to take Drama Queen to visit great grandma and watch the animal show at her assisted living apartments!

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  1. Your booth looks great...I always loved having windows in my booths and you just can't beat having walls!!!



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