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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another treasure with a little history!

So the other day I brought home this pair of wooden shoe lasts......Looking on the bottom I see this marking for Jones & Vining, Inc.  So I do what I always do and looked it up on the web.....

Only to discover this company"s long history of manufacturing....on it's website the Jones & Vining, Inc. state  "A last is the foot-shaped form over which a shoe is made and is the single most important and scientific element in shoemaking. The last determines the shape, look or fashion of the shoe; it determines the fit and size of the shoe; as well as influencing the shoe's tread, heel height, toe shape, comfort and overall balance and proportion of the shoe."   They are still in business and have moved on to more technologically advanced shoe lasts.

Okay I am probably the only one that....
1. Even cares about the history of the shoe last.
2. Thinks that is super cool how a shoe is made.
3. Has a shoe last hanging on her wall (have had it forever and just think it looks neat).

These boys (I say that because they look like men's feet) are at my Etsy store for sale......

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  1. you aren't the only one that cares...I care too!


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