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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Smith Hotel's Master Bathroom

When we moved into this house over 5 years ago now I wanted to do something different.  In our other house, our master bedroom and bath was Americana, denim comforter, navy, red, tan......I liked it and it was "masculine" enough for Mr. Smith too. This house was new, fresh and I wanted a change.

So began the idea of black and white....It didn't take over night but it's been a work in progress.  Picking up things here and there.....

 That's the thing when you are hunting for treasures....My latest addition is this Eiffel Tower lamp that I actually bought 2 of-one is in the kitchen.....I didn't know what to do with the second one plus I didn't have a lamp shade......

I found this black shade at my favorite thrift store for $8.  It stayed at the store for awhile. I wasn't sure it would be the right size.  I didn't really want to spend $8 if it didn't work....  Until it went on sale-25% off.   It came home with me and it worked out just fine.....I always liked a lamp in the bathroom but still didn't think it would work until......Mr. Smith suggested I put it on the counter in between our sinks.....That's husband comes up with some pretty good decorating ideas (plus he can bake a mean pie)...So I added a rusty, chipped enamelware pan, a ugly gold tissue box that I repainted black with silver details (99 cents-price tag-$29.99 still on the bottom). 

I love toile.  I came across this pair of really nice toile curtains for $30 (at a store that is now sadly out of business).  I had no idea at the time what I would even do with them since I already had white curtains in the bedroom.........They just barely fit between the molding and hang just a little on the tile by the bathtub.   I have a large wall that I hung a candle thingy on but I would really like to put a HUGE picture on canvas of the Eiffel Tower.  I have seen one that is pretty cool at IKEA....No money for it now but I might find something at a garage sale sometime.

At the same store that is now gone-I bought this kitchen cabinet/hutch.  It was shabbily painted black, scratches and dings....I loved it.  You can never have enough storage in a bathroom (in my opinion).  It fit right into the nook where the towel bar was.   I bought a smaller hook for the towels and put it on the little wall that kinda jogs behind the cabinet. 

I was able to decorate the open part of the cabinet with different white items.

Another large wall by the toilet, I tried to fill up with a large black and white print.  The mirror was a garage sale find years ago for $1.  I keep repainting it to go with the current decor. 

Hope you enjoyed this "tour" of the master bathroom.  It's still a work in progress-always on the look out for more unusual things to add. 

Jody (aka Mrs. Smith)


  1. Oh I just love it!!!! I especially love the hutch - what a fantastic idea to have for the bathroom.

  2. I really want to decorate our master bathroom with different chamber the pun of the Chambers master bath having chamber pots in it...but well, we don't have a master bath so it puts a damper on that idea...for now!

  3. You really have a knack for accessorizing shelves. The room looks lovely.

  4. Your decorating is gorgeous!! Very inspiring!
    Happy day!

  5. Everything is looking really good. I like the use of the hutch. Great storage and display space. I also like the lamp and shade. It really warms up the vanity.

  6. Black and White are so classic. I love it. When you get tired, you can just switch out some accessories. I have an inspiration photo in my files with all white bath fixtures and black trim and cabinetry. Love it.


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