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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Kitchen in Progress....

Mr. Smith was pleasantly surprised how well the red paint covered up with the primer....The last time we painted the kitchen-red-it took 2 or 3 coats of primer and around 5 coats of red....Needless to say Mr. Smith wasn't jumping up and down to paint the kitchen again.....
There I am, Mrs. Smith, in painting grubs and a HUGE apron.....Boy Wonder and I begged Mr. Smith to let us help him....He finally gave in (only after a LECTURE on the proper way to paint-HIS WAY)....only to fire me later....paint on my apron, paint on the bottom of my foot, paint in my hair (so I don't claim to be a Professional Painter)....
Boy Wonder doing a great job at painting primer (yes he might paint better than his mom)....

Red walls gone....

Hello Cool Grey!!!

Now I just need to work on what goes, what stays, where to put it......With Mr. Smith still looking for a job, I plan on selling a boat load of stuff.  Decluttering with a mission! 

P.S.  Mr. Smith left the ladder out (the big one not the step ladder) and told me before he left to pick up Drama Queen from school- "Don't get on the ladder".  So I was good and just looked longingly at the high shelves and the stuff I want to put up and will wait till he gets home.....


  1. ooooh. It's looking lovely so far. Can't wait to see more.

  2. So pretty! I love that's so calming. : )

  3. looks good...I once helped a friend paint after she had a stoke and lost all the sight in her right hemisphere, when her husband got home he pointed to the wall I had painted and said to his blind wife, "honey, maybe you shouldn't paint when you're blind." Oh, yeah that was me painting that wall, the one with all my vision!!!

  4. My Son's room is red and I remember what pain that was to paint!!! Looking at your pictures I can see my not so far future (room needs to be repainted!)...yikes!!!

  5. Looks great! I can't even look at another paint brush without flashbacks of having to steam and peel wallpaper! Now that's the kinda fun I'm talkin about! NOT.



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