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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Pantry Clean Up

This is scary......I am letting everyone see what my pantry looks like.....not pretty.....

It's not a large pantry but larger than any I have every had....okay actually it's the first one....I had visions that it would look so much for a "Walk in Pantry"......can't get past the door....have to lean and just spells trouble....did I mention that I am accident prone?

Oh and I need a ladder to get to the upper shelves....hence the "shoved" look......
Sprinkles, Spices, all breeds at night....

So 6 bags of stuff to donate at the Salvation Army....3 trips to the trash can......

I can walk into my pantry now.....

We shall see if the kiddos notice when they get home from school today....


  1. Oops, I spelled your name wrong!! Sorry, Jody :(

  2. Looks good, wish I still had a pantry! Mine is a set of Costco shelves in the garage!!

  3. LOVE the new pantry and that Gas-X is right on the shelf at eye level...not sure what that says about Mrs. Smith cooking...or was it for when Mr. Smith makes chili?

  4. Sooo, when should I pencil you in for my pantry cleaning? LOL Looks great!!! Mom


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