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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneek Peak At My Newly Decorated Kitchen!

Just a couple of pictures to show you what I have been up to...
I added some white fabric and tacked it on the backside of the doors.  I wanted to create a simple, clean look.  So I just covered up all the stuff that is in the cabinet. Kinda of refreshing.

My cool grey walls and my homemade burlap faux roman shades.  I couldn't possibly do a tutorial on them....Why do somethings (okay like a lot of things) seem like such a good, easy idea at the time only to be a point of frustration?  Let's just say I measured, sewed, ripped out seams (my hair too), and finally decided to pull out the trusty glue gun (much to Mr. Smith's horror).  I couldn't get them to hang right-I tried to tack them.  Well you get the picture!  Glue gun to the rescue!  I did learn something though-Mr. Smith had never used a glue gun before!!!!  Crazy- I know! 

In this process of redoing the kitchen, I am trying to put together TheSmithHotel's First Open House and Boutique.  So once I get the rest of the kitchen cleaned up (hard to when you use the kitchen table for sewing and crafting) I will post more pictures of the kitchen!


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