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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The transformation of Mrs. Creepy!

Somehow this HEAD showed up at my house around the time of my Open House....
Needless to say it's been in kid's beds....hallways....countertops......and well she is a little creepy....Great fun for April Fool's Day.....even Snow growls at it......

So I came up with a plan.......with a little help from my girls at the Open House.....Shave her hair and decoupage her head....

Mr. Smith was kind enough to let me borrow his hair clippers for the job.....

Let's just say I am Not "Professional Trained". 

But I think she looks better without her hair.....

I had to add fangs....

Oh did I mention that my Mom bought this head sometime~probably with lack of sleep~ anywhoo.....

She was nice enough to give it to me~FREE!  Yeah can you believe she didn't charge me?

I wonder how much she bought it for???

 Out thrift store shopping on Monday with the family~last day of Spring Break......I picked up 5 books for FREE!  Don't hate me people!  I could have taken more but I didn't want to be greedy! 

So my brilliant plan emerged.......Books....Head.......Mod Podge.....

I figured she couldn't look any uglier.......Now just so you know I don't think the face is ugly just the freaky blue eyeshadow and her hair.....So if you know someone who looks like this-please I am not judging!!!!

The kiddos named her Mrs. Creepy......

She might make an appearance around Halloween.......or under the sheets!  Boo!

Kinda looks like a mummy now....

But hey Mrs. Creepy was FREE! 

How about that for a bargain?

Just as a disclaimer: I have been sick and drinking the Ol' Nyquil at night.....I am a little nutty!

And no Mom you can't have her back!

Ok~I take cash or checks!


  1. love Mrs. Creepy!...she turned out good!

  2. Still Creepy since i know what's under all those pages, but what a brilliant idea Mrs. Smith. Now you can actually use Mrs. Creepy to show off a nice hat without freaking out the customers.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I always love meeting new people! :)

    Good work with the paper mache! You can hardly tell it was a creepy, fanged manequin.

  4. hello!

    so lovely to see you visited our blog! met your sweet husband and shared some great 'junque-ing' spots. looking forward to meeting you in person soon. hope to see you around @ OSAM. = )
    monica & diane of nest♥

  5. Oh, how hilarious! This gal is perfect for my Prior Lives Party; She looks like she's already had a life or two with more to come! Gotta' Love the decoupage. She looks great, now! Thanks for joining! Lezlee

  6. Now, she can sport some kind of wonderful hat!


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