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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day of Celebration! Sale! Sale! Sale!

Loads to celebrate today~and everyday for that matter!

I have an amazing guy that lives with me! 

He is a hard worker!

I have used  put him to work since he lost his job in January.

He has painted for me, built things for me, gone grocery shopping for me, transported the kiddos to school for me, moved heavy items for me.....

Mr.Smith has hit the pavement seriously looking for a job.....

He received an offer today!

Exciting news for our family and life will be a little different around here again!

Maybe even get the tv turned on again!

So the sun is out today, the kiddos are at school, Mr. Smith is out on a long run....

How am I going to celebrate today?

I am going to have a sale!

I love sales!

So I am going to have my first sale at my booth starting today and ending April 19!
25% off everything in the booth!

What?  Can't make the drive?

That's okay!

I am also going to have a sale at my Etsy Shop too!

That's right 25% off everything there too!

Just put "Blog Friend" in the comments when ordering and I will credit back the 25%!

Mr.Smith and I at Crater Lake, Oregon last week for Spring Break!
We were blessed with an unexpected mini vacation with the kiddos from a family at our church!

Let's celebrate together!


  1. That is just the best news! I am celebrating with you!

    Best wishes on your sale, I know you'll do wonderfully. :-)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. My dear friends, I am so very happy for both of you!!! You are right, there is so much to celebrate every day, but especially today!

  3. congrats on the very exciting news! i wish you and your family all the best! and i just checked out your etsy shop...fabulous stuff :) keep me posted on your upcoming sales :)

    xo - julie

  4. Congrats on the job offer! My man is on his way to an interview as I type. (He loses his job in a few months.) And good luck with the sale!!!


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