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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Redding Rodeo!!!

Last weekend was the Redding Rodeo!
Mr. Smith now works for a leather company based in Texas so we "blinged" ourselves up with his samples!

I would show you what the rest of the family-my folks included-wore to the rodeo but the only pictures I have of the rest of them are when they are shoving eating hot dogs, pizza and kettlecorn!  Trust me when I say we looked good!


  1. nice duds...should have come to Rob for some bling before going to the pancake breakfast!

  2. I'm loving the leather bling!!!

  3. I love the purse! It looks a lot like what they carry at Tractor Supply in town. So cute!

  4. Hi Jody
    Yes, what fun we have. I love your blog and it was nice to meet you also. I will join as follower.


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