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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yes, You Too Can Be A Jedi Master! Or At Least A Thrifty One!

Here it is.....I grabbed it the other day at the thrift store....Don't hate me because I am cheap thrifty.

It's 2 pieces and I was trying to figure out how to take the top off....

Please advert your eyes from the '65 VW Bus that Mr. Smith sewed a lovely cover for out of old sheets.

What is that?  A price tag?  From Restoration Hardware (clue people the nearest one is almost 4 hours away-just saying).

What??? Another price tag????? Restoration Hardware again?

Amazing because I only paid.....

For both!  I told you that I am a Master!

That's right $9.99!

Sometimes I amaze myself-just being honest people!

If you frequent thrift stores and garage sales like I do (all the time-the thrift store workers know my name and I know theirs)- you too can pick up a good deal-that is unless I have already been there!

Wait-Please don't go!  I promise I won't find another great steal deal anytime soon-ok I lied I will probably find something great next week too!

Joining Linda at Coast Charm!


  1. I find it easier for you to do my shopping and then I just pick them up at Oregon Street Antiques. ;-)

  2. What an awesome find and an amazing deal!!!

  3. I just love a steal, I mean deal, like that. You are the Jedi Master!

  4. You are a Jedi. That is a sweet score. I'm beginning to think my thrift store is in the wrong zip code. All I seem to find is yard sale cast-offs. *sigh* I shall continue the training, Master.

  5. Wow Jody, that's got to be the best deal I've seen in ages! Good job!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I'm sure I could have gotten it for $ should have talked them down...joking...

  7. I LOVE RH, but they are sooooo pricey, great score on your garden trellis, Love it!

  8. have really got an awesome steal (deal) here...thanks for showing them off at NTT! Hope you have a wonderful day:)



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