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Friday, May 7, 2010

Setting up for Mother's Day!

Mr. Smith and I dropped the kiddos off at school and headed over to Oregon Street Antique Mall to add another car load of goodies!  So much so we had to take 2 cars!

Mr. Smith had to ask me last night as we were loading the car~"Will this all fit in the booth?"  He really shouldn't ask such obvious questions!

I was going to save my white Madonna statues for Christmas but I thought Mary was a mother too!

Mr. Smith even slashed prices on some items to make more room for MORE goodies!
Happy Friday!


  1. It all looks fabulous! That's definitely a booth I would stop and shop at.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. love the "Shop 4 Mom" sign...

  3. Looks like a place I would love!

  4. Great space! My booth is packed to the gills now. had to rearrange everything to get walk way space. I need a bigger booth.. Yours is just dreamy.


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