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Monday, May 3, 2010

White Spray Paint.......

It was down right warm today here in Redding, CA.....So I decided to get out the white spray paint and paint some manzanita branches.
I found this great urn at a garage sale a few weeks back that I plan on using in my booth at the Oregon Street Antique Mall.  I needed branches and I wanted them white.

I also painted a few more items, picture frame, lazy susan, and a tin before I ran out of paint.
Snow has to see what is so exciting.

Yep that was the excitement for today at The Smith Hotel! 

Oh yes this was after Mr. Smith instructed me on how to properly use spray paint.  He is a perfectionist and I'm the kinda of gal that just wants to get it done!  Even with all that newspaper I still managed to spray paint the cement! 


  1. I'm laughing because I'm married to a perfectionist, too, and I just like to get it done! I can so identify! Linda

  2. I sprayed metallic spray paint on our porch when I was working on the now our porch is made with metal...


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