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Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon the family with Grandma and Grandpa went to our local pumpkin patch.

Acres of pumpkins to choose from...

Self portrait~ to prove that I was there!

I love pumpkins!

These pumpkins too!

Mr. Smith was able to join us after spending his first week at his new job!

2 wheel barrows full of pumpkins!


  1. oh...I NEED to go the the patch so bad...I need real pumpkins to decorate with...
    I mean, I want to take my kids so they can have the annual pumpkin patch memory...the memory of one kid melting down, the other pouting, and then the girl child taking hours to pick out the perfect pumpkin which is usually one that she saw in the first 5 min!

  2. beautiful fotos Mrs Smith! I SO love this time of year!!!!!


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