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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tag Party......

Kiera over at ChambersMade tagged me for a tag party.

Ok I am so not the friend to:

a. respond to chain letters (yes I know you could die by choosing not to answer but I like to live on the wild side).

b. send you 2 potholders if I get one, or whatever you have to send in order to receive 49 potholders. Who needs that many anyways?

c. Become a coffee snob because everyone else is.....I choose tea (and Dr. Pepper)~Thank you for asking!

So here are Kiera's questions~ some of which I won't even answer because well it just insults my intelligence.

1. If you're a everyday coffee drinker do you set the auto brew the night before or make it every morning? If you're not a coffee drinker...well, I got nothing for you...

Get over yourself Coffee Snob-no pure tea drinker would even ask this stupid question!

2. If you could have an orchard with only one type of fruit tree what would it be?

Really?  What kind of question is this?  I have 6 fruit trees, pear, apple, nectarine, apricot, lemon, lime and orange.  I embrace all kinds of fruit-not going to be narrow minded.

3. Choose 2 people, living or dead, that you'd love to invite to Thanksgiving dinner...two people you've never met...and do you think the 2 would get along...(not Jesus...yes, he is alive, but I'm hoping you've all met him!)

Again-Really?  I don't want no dead stinky people at my Thanksgiving dinner!  GROSS! 2 people I've never met~wouldn't that be kinda of awkward?   How would I know if they would get along if I've never met them before?

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years...and Are you where you wanted to be now 5 years ago?
I have no claim to know my future.  I'll get back to you in 5 years and let you know!

5. what is your "throw down" meal...the meal that you usually have the ingredients on hand to make and you can make it fast without the recipe...

S&W chili beans, shredded cheese(purchased shredded-that's right~you heard me-already shredded), and Juanita tortilla chips.
Nachos! I buy in bulk.  We eat this meal weekly if not biweekly.

6. choose one

Day at the Spa with your best friend...Day in a cozy cabin with your husband...Day at an amusement park with your family...

Don't like the choices. I want to spend a month with or without my family in a Cotswold's cottage. Hang out in the local pub with the locals, wear wellies and a huge cream sweater(with jeans).  Possibly solve a local murder by going around and being noisy.  Oh wait~isn't that a book I just read?

7. do you have a life verse or saying?

Never say Never.  

I might just have to change that since I can't say that I will Never answer one of these "Tag Parties" again.

Sorry no pictures were included in this blog post.....guess Kiera didn't think about that one-did ya?

If you are thinking I am a little sassy today-it could be that I spent all day yesterday with Kiera making $25 and she insulted me by thinking that I am 40.....No I am not and won't be for months!

I think I might need my Dr. Pepper right now!

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  1. sassy pants!
    and maybe I knew you weren't 40 and was just trying to make you act more mature...what, with all the crank calls and everything...sheesh, act your age!


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