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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some "Professional" Pictures of my Booth!

Leave it to a professional!

Hannah at h2photography saved my bacon!

Zizi -The Green Mum and I joined forces.

Sold a plethora of tea towels.

Patrick the Owl went to a good home.  Drama Queen likes to name the owls.  I'll be making more and adding her names to them!

Bottle cap pendants and Bird's Nest pendants were a hit!

Even sold the angel wings on my mannequin.

Hannah was gracious enough to let me use these photos of my booth!

Otherwise it would just be this:
If you looked around us you would see the booth!


  1. Fantastic pictures Hannah! What a great booth!

  2. I think I need an owl. Ask the daughter if we could name him Olie.


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