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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Urgent: Please address this issue immediately!

Dear The Smith Hotel Management,

It has come to our attention that one of our guests is not following the standard protocol.  Every other guest is required to make sure their personal items are kept tidy.  This guest has blatantly ignored the standard procedure.

This guest also continues to shed large amounts of white hair and leaves their personal items laying around the entire Hotel.  In fact, this guest acts as if she is in charge.  We fear that a revolt might occur among the other guests when they see this guest blatantly refuse to abide by the rules that make cohabitation harmonious. 

Being a Princess should not give this guest the right to "Piddle" on the carpet while the other guests would receive sever punishment.   The staff is also tired of having to get a special treat for this guest every morning when she awakens.  

The Smith Hotel prides itself in being a "safe" environment for all but feels that this guest would "attack" a new arrival.    She has already bitten her Doctors on more than one occasion. 

We took the liberty of including some photos of the guest in question.

While the other guests can not "sit" on the back of the couch and chair.  She ignores this rule.  We were not trying to hide the fact that we were taking a picture of her while violating this rule.  In fact, she stayed in this position the whole time while house keeping was cleaning this area.  She offered no help at all.

Obviously this guest has no fear of authority as she actually posed for this close up. 

Please note that if these issues are not addressed soon, the paying guests will protest the favoritism shown to this guest.


The Hired Help


  1. I was just getting ready to write a letter to The Smith Hotel about their rodent issue...I guess they think it's more important to spoil some of their high end guests rather than hire pest control!

  2. Ha ha ha - my Papillon is the same way - they make sure you know exactly who's really in charge!


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